Cycling the Thousand Islands

Thousand Island Cycling Trails

Biking in and around the 1000 Islands forest makes for a delightful day or even night travel in the breathtaking Thousand Islands. The total distance of the trail is a little less than 40 km, and most of the path paved, as shown below


The course starts 10 km from the west end of Brockville and rolls out to the eastern side of Gananoque. A lot of areas along the scenic path offer bird’s-eye views that have actually made the 1000 Islands a first-rate visitor destination. Down the road, you will certainly discover a variety of search factors, some smaller towns, a sandy public beach, various historical sites as well as plaques, camping areas, motels and also hotels, as well as a number of locations to grab a snacks, dishes, in addition, something cool to consume.

The path leaves the northern side of the 1000 Islands Parkway, where you’ll find a two-lane highway that runs parallel to¬† the St. Lawrence River. Accessibility to this Parkway is clearly marked from the 401. It’s rather very easy to locate a spot to park at either end or along the reach, of the Parkway. Parking is free as well as the use of the path.

The path is only a part of Ontario’s Waterfront Trails, a cycling path which follows the north shore of the St. Lawrence River, big Lake Ontario, and lastly, Lake Erie.